Vintage Snowmobile Racing Priest Lake

Rules and Regulations

New rules for the 2020 race season have been put inbold and bigger font

General Rules Drivers
Must have tether attached when on sled.
Full face helmet required with goggles or face shield

Helmets to be worn while on snowmobile
Track run up stands required No lifting of sleds allowed
Upper body protection required (motocross style legal)

Knee and shin guards recommended

Neck braces recommended

High visible colors recommended for driver  ORANGE  requested

No alcohol in pits

​Gloves Required

Snowmobile General Rules
Any leaf spring sled 85 and older

Skis must have functioning leaf springs

Must be snowmobile with 2 skis
Clutch cover required
Up to 1 inch depth lug depth
Clutches can be updated
Ski tips must be padded or have plastic hoops
4 inch numbers on both side contrasting colors from sled
Hoods have to be on sleds
Traction devices allowed
Headlights taped or removed
Taillight recommended
Windshields can be removed
Brakes can be updated
Cleated Tracks allowed
Snow Flaps Required
Must be naturally aspirated

No Sno-Scoots

Traction products can not be over 3/8 inch past track lugs

Carbides must be commercially available no longer then 14"

Carbides tip from bottom of ski no taller than 5/8 inch 

Stock Classes

Skis and pipe must remain stock

Gas tank and seat can be replaced

Handlebars can be updated

Clutches can be updated

Air boxes can be removed
Original exhaust system
Carbs can be updated not to be larger than original size

Traction products and carbides allowed

Engine to remain stock and match chassis 

Working taillight

Super Stock

Free Air sleds will run with liquids 

Can update skis, gas tank, and seat

Internal mods allowed

No external mods to motor (intake concept to remain original)

Stock exhaust

Carbs can be updated

Clutches can be updated

Working taillight

Traction products and carbides allowed

Engine cylinders must match motor and chassis

Mod classes
Any 85 and older originally produced leaf spring sled with 85 and older motors

Solid front axle with non adjustable spindles

No cobra style skis
Mufflers not required

Working taillight
Any sled and engine combo allowed not to be larger than cc class entered

Open Mod "X" Class

Any 85 and older engine/chassis combo

Solid front axle with non adjustable spindles, with functioning leaf spring ski

No cobra stye skis

Working taillight

Any sled and engine combo 85 and older

120 Stock Class Governor adjustment & gear change allowed

120/200 Mod Class Engine modifications up to 200cc allowed